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Classes are a fantastic way for seniors to get in shape, learn a new skill, keep busy and socialize. Vicar’s Landing is committed to offering services that enrich the lives of their members, which is why we offer a variety of classes throughout the week. Whether for fun or for fitness, these classes are a great way to fill schedules and maintain an active, structured life.

A few of the classes offered at Vicar’s Landing include Tai Chi, Yoga, and Meditation which all promote health of the mind and body. Tai Chi and Yoga combine gentle movements, stretching and breathing to improve the fitness, balance and agility of those who perform it. In addition, Chair Yoga classes are offered, where yoga is performed either sitting down or using a chair for support, in order to cater to different levels of strength and mobility. These classes are an excellent way to improve strength and fitness without stressing joint or ligaments. In a similar vein, meditation classes allow for deep relaxation, teach breathing techniques, and improve the mental clarity and emotional health of those who practice it. These classes have been shown to reduce blood pressure in the elderly, and are practiced to achieve greater longevity. Not only are these classes an excellent source for fitness and relaxation, but they are also offered on the convenient home grounds of Vicar’s Landing.

Another class offered at Vicar’s Landing is a Strength and Balance Exercise Program, which includes a 10-minute warm-up of both seated and standing flexibility exercises. This is followed by half an hour of band and balance training, after which the class will finish with five minutes of activities designed to help you cool down and relax. Vicar’s Landing also holds regular Line Dancing classes. A relatively undemanding, fun form of dancing that is very social but doesn’t require a partner, line dancing is a good way to stay moving and engaged.

While all these classes help to train the body and improve physical health, Vicar’s Landing offers seniors a way to keep the mind sharp too. Art classes allow residents to express themselves, and French lessons to challenge the brain and keep it active. It is never too late to increase your level of education, or to learn a new skill.

With all these classes to fill your schedule, Vicar’s Landing ensures that there is never a dull day in the lives of its residents. Being a member of Vicar’s Landing means staying fit, healthy and fulfilled by the activities and social involvement provided at this esteemed retirement resort.