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Vicar’s Landing values its employees and the dedicated care they offer all of our members. For 35 years, the Boutique at Vicar’s Landing has been selling donated items at attractive prices to raise money for the employee scholarship fund. Totally organized and overseen by volunteers, the Boutique sales have helped many grateful employees continue their education and improve their lives.

All funds raised from Boutique sales are distributed as scholarships and grants to employees who work in the Vicar’s Landing dining room, as health aides and other employees who support services that benefit our community.

In addition, the housekeeping department works closely with the Boutique volunteers. Any items that can’t be used by the Boutique are gathered and sold to employees at significant savings. All proceeds from these sales go into either the employee scholarship fund or a separate employee hardship fund.

For those wanting to donate items to sell, we take any usable goods or clothing. The Boutique and our employee funds operate all year long.

For more information on donating to the Vicar’s Landing boutique sales should contact Rose Murdock or for the employee sales please contact housekeeping and ask for me or Kathy Lord. Thank you for your support of our incredible Vicar’s employees!