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All of us at Vicar’s Landing work to be as energy efficient as possible around our community.
There are many ways that members can assist and we’ve compiled this list as a resource for you.

● Check your thermostat set-up: Try to keep your thermostat on AUTO. This means the
fan will run only when required, resulting in more efficient, less costly cooling and heating
and fewer air filter changes.

● Use only LED bulbs: We recommend switching to LED bulbs whenever possible since
they use less energy and last longer than standard light bulbs.

● Watch your windows and doors: All windows and doors should be fully closed when
your air conditioning or heater are operating. Make sure all the seals are tight and you
don’t see light coming through. This will help prevent moisture in your home and also
helps you keep the temperature where you want it.

● Get into the recycle cycle: Recycling is an easy way we can all do our part to cut down
on pollution, prevent depletion of our natural energy resources and keep our community
neat. Housekeeping provides special bags to help you keep recyclables separate from
your regular trash. Plant Operations maintains an updated list of recyclable materials so
if you need further help regarding what’s acceptable, just contact us.

● Keep in touch: Plant Operations personnel work every day to maintain the beauty of
Vicar’s Landing and its buildings. There are a number of ways to be in contact with us or
to be informed about what’s going on around the campus.

a. You can place a work order through Cubigo, by emailing Leah at
[email protected] or by calling us at 273-1721.

b. Check out Cubigo often as we post updates there.

c. For any urgent need-to-know information such as plans for temporary water
shut-down, Plant Operations will post bulletins in your building.

Thank you for working with us to keep Vicar’s Landing so liveable, beautiful and eco-friendly.
We are always here if you have questions, needs or suggestions. See you soon!