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How does Vicar’s Landing remain relevant?
It’s important for a community like ours to recognize its many strengths but continue to progress and build on those strengths as time passes. Creating a new master plan for the campus every seven years helps ensure that we keep up with new technology, adapt to changing member needs and desires, and update the appearance of our campus regularly to remain fresh and inviting.

We last renovated the Vicar’s Landing campus seven years ago. A major planning effort is currently underway for our next refresh. We are busy interviewing and vetting several respected architects with experience in senior living to lead the effort. We’re excited to welcome significant enhancements to our campus in order to meet the evolving expectations of current and future members.

What does care look like for Vicar’s Landing member?
All of us at Vicar’s Landing are motivated to care for members as if they are our own grandparents. It takes special people to work here and we each must have a heart for the mission. A VL member can expect to build close relationships with the staff. Our member families find great comfort in knowing we are always alert to member’s health and happiness. Vicar’s Landing takes a proactive approach to ensuring members stay safe and receive the and support they need all along the care continuum. But it’s not just the quality of the care. It’s the way that care is provided, with incredible compassion and skill. . We hear time and again from families about the love the staff here provides to members and how the care exceeds their expectations. It’s rewarding in so many ways–for those who choose to live here,for their loved ones and for all of us at Vicar’s Landing. I call that a win-win-win!

Why choose Vicar’s Landing?
The number one answer given by members when asked why they chose Vicar’s Landing? “It’s the greatest gift I could offer my children.” Our members tell us they want to remain active and cared for without interrupting the lives of their children, causing them worry or becoming a burden. When families visit Vicar’s Landing, they leave with the peace of mind that their parents are being well taken care of, treated with dignity and respect, and living life to its fullest.