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Close-knit. Charming. Charismatic. This is what you’ll experience as a Member of Vicar’s Landing, one of the premier luxury retirement communities in Florida. Lifestyle is all-encompassing at Vicar’s Landing: through our Life Care benefit program, we meet your evolving needs and help you live the retirement life you’ve always dreamed of. Our extensive amenity offerings provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything you need is at your fingertips. And if you’re looking to try before you buy, we have some great news! Get on the waitlist and gain access to all of our wonderful amenities at a fully refundable option. 

What is a Luxury Senior Living Community?
Luxury retirement communities like ours typically offer a wide range of services, including housekeeping, transportation, dining, fitness and wellness programs, as well as access to on-site medical care and assistance. We cultivate a unique and upscale living experience for older adults seeking a high-quality lifestyle in their retirement years. These services are designed to promote health, wellness and social engagement, while also providing residents with the care and support they need to live independently and comfortably. 

Our food is made fresh with an emphasis on satisfying your tastebuds and sticking to nutritional restrictions. From fine dining in luxurious surroundings to lighter fare in casual settings, there are delicious options at both Sawgrass and Oak Bridge retirement communities. Enjoy a nightcap before dinner – a favorite enjoyment among Members. What’s on the menu? Locally sourced food prepared by private chefs. Nearby waters provide delectable seafood options that are sure to keep you satisfied until your next mouthwatering meal. 

Joining a senior living community has a lot of perks, including getting seniors engaged and active while experiencing a sense of belonging. Oftentimes as we get older, feelings of loneliness creep in, but through a senior living facility, seniors gain friendships and try new experiences. Some of our exciting entertainment offerings include: 

  • Art Studio: Indulge your creative spark in our first-class art studio where we provide areas for painting and other creative outlets, along with art classes. 
  • Woodworking Shop: Transform simple wood into beautiful pieces of woodwork in our well-equipped shop where you can also learn the art of stained glass. 
  • Performing Arts Auditorium: We have an amazing 250-seat Performing Arts Auditorium with programs scheduled throughout the year. 
  • Salon and Spa: Our on-site hair salon for men and women are for the days when you feel like being pampered. Take it a step further by indulging in relaxing massages in our tranquil spa. 
  • Library: Housed with the latest and classic books, up-to-date periodicals and daily newspapers, our library is a great place to steal some quiet time. 
  • Card Room: Join in for a few friendly rounds of bridge or competitive hearts tournaments with your neighbors. 
  • Gated Community: The peace of mind and security of a gated community allow our Members to feel safe and secure within our private oasis. 
  • Village Green: This beautiful space offers Members opportunities for socializing and fun, including Bocce Ball tournaments and matches by the USCA sanctioned Croquet Team. 
  • Vicar’s Landing Center Lake: This is where you’ll see the Vicar’s Landing Yacht Club competitively racing colorful, scaled-down remote-control sailboats. 
  • Off-Campus Day Trips and Cultural Excursions: Join in on local trips, including ventures to the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens and the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. 
  • Educational Courses: Experience art history classes, Sunday seminars, and legacy writing courses where you can pen your memoir to pass down to future generations. 
  • Volunteer Groups and Organizations: Lend a helping hand through the Vicar’s Voice newsletter, community chorus, investment club and Vicar’s Landing play reading. 
  • Convenient Everyday Services: We aim to reduce your stress level by simplifying everyday tasks with on-site mail services and convenient trips to local grocery stores and boutique shops multiple times per week. We prioritize transportation to physicians so that you get the care you need when you need it. 

Housekeeping and Laundry

Housekeeping plays a major role in the life of our community at Vicar’s Landing. Members and staff take great pride in the upkeep and beauty of our public and private spaces. Our housekeeping staff are well-known to Members and their families and assist in their needs during transition times. From move-in day to scheduling and helping with laundry, they are available and ready to answer questions and provide quality care whenever you need it. 

Fitness and Wellness 
We put a major emphasis on health and wellness at Vicar’s Landing, keeping you in shape with a plethora of physical activities. For regular checkups and appointments, we’re just minutes away from some of North Florida’s top-rated doctors. The highly respected Baptist Health System, the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, and other highest-caliber health care facilities are all close by.  

At our on-site fitness center, we offer organized exercise classes, as well as training equipment, weights, treadmills and stationary bicycles. Our health classes include: 

  • Tai Chi: A gentle form of exercise that can help maintain strength, flexibility and balance, The perfect activity for the rest of your life. Tai Chi is often described as “meditation in motion,” but it might as well be called “medication in motion.” 
  • Chair Yoga: A gentle form of yoga practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. 
  • Water Aerobics: The performance of aerobic exercise in fairly shallow water, such as in a swimming pool, is done mostly vertically and without swimming, typically in waist deep or deeper water as a type of resistance training. 
  • Strength and Balance Exercise Program: Starts with a 10-minute warm-up, which includes flexibility exercises performed in seated and standing positions. Thirty minutes of band and balance training is followed by five minutes of cooldown and relaxation activities. 
  • Line Dances: These are very easy to learn, mainly because the steps are straightforward and you don’t have to coordinate your movements with a partner. 

Other amenities we offer to accelerate wellness are: 

  • Wellness Wednesday: These are given in the auditorium offering tips to a healthy lifestyle and dietary planning. 
  • Counseling Groups: We focus on fostering social and spiritual wellness. Take advantage of counseling groups or participate in regular Bible studies. Walk along our beautifully landscaped grounds, complete with secure and well-lit walkways. 
  • Wellness Clinic: Located on the premises, we have a well-equipped internal rehabilitation and therapy center with rehabilitation services from by our highly trained, professional physical, occupational and speech therapists. These skilled healthcare workers will create a personalized rehabilitation plan that focuses on maintenance or improvement of physical functioning, motor skills and cognitive skills. The range of services may include: 
  • Physical Therapy: balance, core strength, ambulation 
  • Speech Therapy: cognitive exercises, speech, swallowing assistance 
  • Occupational Therapy: motor skills, upper body strength, self-care 

Our elegant setting in Ponte Vedra Beach provides plenty of opportunities to stretch your mind, body and soul. We offer a wide range of fitness classes and water aerobics to fit the needs of all of our Members. Our full-size swimming pool is heated and open year-round and provides more options for exercise. Enjoy a recreational swim or join in classes taught by a certified teacher. Of course, the pool isn’t only for exercise – members can also simply relax poolside with a good book and some Florida sunshine.  

Learn More about Vicar’s Landing 
At Vicar’s Landing, a balanced lifestyle is built on the foundation of healthy living. We offer various amenity options tailored to meet the needs of Members of all activity levels.  At Vicar’s, Landing we have all the country club amenities today’s active retirees are looking for. Contact us today to experience it for yourself!