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Our Members entrust us with their daily safety, security and well-being. This is our number one responsibility and we are mindful of every step toward ensuring a healthy and obstacle-free campus and community. The Plant Operations team is continually focused on building safety and rapidly responding to any concerns.

Here’s how you can also lend a helping hand:

• Please take care when coming out of stairways, or approaching entrances/exits. We find that being mindful in these particular areas help our Members avoid collisions and falls.
• Immediately let Plant Operations know of any needed repairs, whether in the vicinity of your own home or elsewhere on campus. Thank you for reporting any unsafe conditions, such as lifted pavers, uneven sidewalks or non-working lights.
• Reach out to us at 904-273-1721, place a work order through Cubigo, or email [email protected] with any safety concerns or questions, large or small.

We are honored to serve the Vicar’s Landing community in this important way. It is our sincere pleasure to help all of our Members stay happy and thriving and ease the minds of our Member families every day.