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Here are answers to basic questions my colleagues and I get quite frequently regarding membership costs and ongoing financial situations in the community. I hope you find this helpful. You can always reach out to us in the accounting department for more detailed or specific information.

How much does it cost to get on the waitlist? When do I pay the entrance fees?
Great questions. To get onto the current waitlist, we require a $2,500 deposit, which is refundable if plans change. Once on the waitlist, you can tour the property, find the perfect apartment layout, and review the entrance fee cost. At this point, you’ll complete a medical screening and financial qualification. Once an apartment in the style you have selected becomes available, you must pay 10% of the entrance fee to reserve the unit. The remainder of the entrance fee is due prior to moving in.

When will I receive a statement and pay for service and ancillary charges?
You will receive a statement by the 5th of each month in your onsite mailbox. This will include a detailed listing of the charges for the month. Payment will be due by the 10th of each month. You can pay by check or by electronic funds transfer. If you choose the electronic payment option, please request a form from our accounting department to complete the bank transfer authorization. If paying by check, you can drop it in the accounting box in the mail area or hand deliver it to the accounting department on the 2nd floor in the Vicars Landing main building.

What is included on the monthly statement?
Your statement will include a detailed listing of charges for the month. Charges include, but are not limited to, the monthly service fee, transportation, beauty salon, delivery charges, meals exceeding your meal plan, drinks from the bar and dining room, and charges for other services provided by various departments. If you have questions on your statement charges, please contact accounting.

Will you keep me informed of Vicar’s Landing’s financial results?
We schedule a meeting with members each quarter to discuss operations and financial results. This is when you’ll receive the quarterly and year-to-date financial statements including balance sheet, statement of operations and statement of cash flows. Vicar’s Landing goes through an annual audit at the end of each year and the audit report is available in the library or upon request.