Wellness clinic and programs

Our Wellness Clinic, located on premises, offers a well-equipped internal rehabilitation and therapy center. It’s staffed by licensed therapists trained in physical, speech, and occupational therapies so you can engage in life as fully as possible.

Our nursing staff provides services such as blood pressure monitoring, assistance with pillbox setup, help with prescription refills, minor wound dressing, and diabetic monitoring.

We also offer on-site appointments with an audiologist, internist, podiatrist, and dermatologist.

Should you need assistance at home which to that requires a nurse, our Home Health Agency  will gladly arrange for a licensed nurse to come to your home and provide you with those services as needed. Go to http://vlhha.com/ for more information.

Home Health Services

Nursing services

Nursing services include those activities that may be performed by a licensed nurse. Our nurses are typically used in conjunction with Companion or Home Health Aide services and provide for the medical needs of our clients. These professionals may:

• Manage pill boxes and medication refills
• Administer injections
• Provide wound care services as directed by a physician
• Assess the medical condition of the client and communicate with their physician
• Monitor changing health and behavioral conditions

Rehabilitation services

Private rehabilitation services are offered by our highly trained, professional Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. These skilled healthcare workers will create a personalized rehabilitation plan with the client that focuses on maintenance or improvement of physical functioning, motor skills and cognitive skills. The range of services may include:

• Physical Therapy: balance, core strength, ambulation
• Speech Therapy: cognitive exercises, speech and swallowing assistance
• Occupational Therapy: motor skills, upper body strength, self-care