Frequently Asked Questions

When will you break ground? Are there multiple phases with varying completion dates?

We hope to begin building structures in 2021 with new members moving on campus in 2022. The first phase will include the clubhouse and 109 independent living units. We anticipate the total build-out to be complete within a few years.


How many units will there be and what type of units?  

We will have a total of 175 independent living units, and 42 assisted living units with extended congregate care, 18 memory care, duplexes with garages and covered parking for all hybrid homes (apartment buildings). Four stories over parking.


What kind of facilities and amenities will there be?

We are planning for a broad range of exciting and invigorating amenities to support our members from both campuses. The amenities at Oak Bridge will complement those on our original campus. There will be a dining venue with different offerings than current venues, fitness and aerobic rooms, outdoor pool, access to fire pit, Pickleball, golf course, tennis courts, walking paths, and 3 Palms Grill.


What impact will this community have on traffic?

Residents do not drive normal traffic patterns. Peak hours are between 10-11am.

Staff comes in at the 3 shifts. Again, minimal staff and not at peak driving times.


Will you only be able to access the property from A1A?

Current plans call ingress and egress from A1A. We are working to secure an alternate access into Sawgrass Village for residents only. Thanks to smart planning, there will be minimal traffic impact.


How many new jobs will this bring to the area?

We anticipate we will add 110 new jobs to this market.