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Autumn is in the air all around beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach, and right here at home in Vicar’s Landing. Though the autumn months remain sunny and warm, Members of both Vicar’s Landing and the local area celebrate the changing of the seasons in a variety of fun and accessible ways. Whether you like to decorate your home with pumpkins found at quaint local pumpkin patches or enjoy cultural activities happening throughout town, there’s something waiting for you.

Once the candy rush has worn off and the cobwebs have been swept away from our Halloween celebrations it’s time to move into a season of gratitude for what we have and the lives we are lucky to lead. At Vicar’s Landing we love to find opportunities to express gratitude to our Members and to one another in a number of unique ways. Keep an eye out for pumpkins and seasonal gourds placed throughout the property to help you get into the autumnal spirit.

For those looking to make the most of November, make sure to keep an eye out for all of the workshops and events taking place right here at Vicar’s Landing! Art events and many other weekly scheduled programs this month are geared toward Thanksgiving and living with an ‘attitude of gratitude’. We love seeing Members’ excitement as they create beautiful, seasonal works of art! And, when it comes to the actual turkey dinner, we find that this is where you appreciate the connections and community you make at Vicar’s Landing most!

If you enjoy getting out and about, Ponte Vedra Beach is sure to put you in the autumn spirit. The North Florida Floating Lanterns Festival is an incredible opportunity to celebrate what you are thankful for among a glimmering sea of floating lanterns bearing the gratitude of those around you. This enchanting event takes place on November 16th and is well worth the ticket entry, which provides you four separate admissions, four lanterns, and writing utensils for your message. The event is a big hit for the local community so make sure to reserve your tickets as soon as possible. You can look forward to taking your lantern home at the end of the evening to commemorate your experience.

As the month draws to a close you will notice the Vicar’s Landing atmosphere slowly shifting from the harvest season mentality into one of excitement and celebration. The holiday season is officially upon us! This is a season we love sharing with those closest to us. Family and friends come for visits from near and far and we open our hearts and our beautiful community to them! It is during these times of year, when the focus is on the people we love most, that we realize how invaluable our connections at Vicar’s Landing are.