Open and honest communication plays an important role in any organization. Information, understanding, and knowledge are the lifeblood of an organizational body and a thoughtful and comprehensive communication program is a vital component to any successful relationship.

To better communicate with our members, I am pleased to share with you some exciting news about the communication tools we are putting in place to more clearly understand your thoughts and concerns, and to ensure you know more clearly what decisions are being made and why they are being made.

Both the board and staff know and understand you not only want to be heard, you want to be listened to and understood. We also know that you want to be kept informed when the board and staff take actions. We want to understand your points of view and ensure that you receive information in a timely manner.

As we all listen and process information differently, it is important for us to also have multiple communications channels in place. Since our last meeting with the membership about improving the communications between the board, staff and members, we have begun working with a communications firm that specializes in enhancing organizational communication. They have provided a road map that the board and staff will be deploying.

In the coming weeks you will begin to see many of these communications items deployed. We will use traditional communication methods, printed forms, newsletter inserts along with the incorporation of new items.

One such new item is the Burning Questions Receptacle. This will be an easily accessible locked box located in the mailbox room. Members can write their question on the form provided and place it in the receptacle. Answers will be provided to the member. If the member so indicates, the question and response will be posted in writing in a public area as well as on the website in the members’ section. The receptacle will be in place by July 30th.